The Bartkowski PLLC team also has extensive appellate experience. Much of this experience was gained by founder Paul Bartkowski while working at the United States International Trade Commission, where he defended the Commission’s decisions on appeals often from Section 337 cases at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. In that role, Paul presented oral argument to the Federal Circuit in seven cases, while amassing an impressive affirmance rate. The Bartkowski PLLC team has also participated in numerous appeals to the Federal courts of appeals, bringing both trial and appellate expertise to such matters.

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Due to its practice focus on Section 337 cases, Bartkowski PLLC has significant experience pursuing, and defending, appeals from Section 337 cases. Such cases present unique issues relating to administrative law and interpretation of the governing statute, 19 U.S.C. § 1337. Bartkowski PLLC can provide the benefit of its team’s extensive experience with such appeals as either lead counsel in an appeal or as co-counsel to an appellate team.

Bartkowski PLLC also has extensive experience in the field of administrative law, statutory interpretation, and general intellectual property law that it can apply to appeals of cases, regardless of whether Bartkowski PLLC participated at the trial court level.